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A company formed in 1986 that provides internet as well as photography, video and business consulting services to consumers, organizations and corporations.

The Road to Enlightenment

I began my work in media in the early 1970's as the host of the WONO Late Night Jazz Show in Syracuse New York. Our nation was emerging from a critical period in the civil rights movement. The station was classical by day however in the evening my show featured traditional jazz sprinkled with jazz fusion, rhythm and blues and when I felt appropriate a dose of Hendrix and the like. The diverse format mirrored my feelings about popular culture of that time. You certainly could say that we were "One Nation Under A Groove".

Many in my family were musicians and entertainers and I had studied music in high school. The radio show provided me the opportunity to paint themes and motifs of previous days against the integration of electricity in music. This represented my initial professional experience with the assembly of items in order to color space and time.

Looking back the show was probably a first of it's kind and certainly one of only a few featuring such a diverse format. A feel of it now would probably be something like this.

  • John McLaughlin
  • Miles Davis
  • Weather Report
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Keith Jarrett
  • Herbie Hancock

Or on another night the flavor might be like this.

So What is This About?

ADVID was born out of my photography work in the early 1980's. I focused mainly on architectural photography. As Steve Rosenthal and I both say buildings don't talk back. During that time I learned of my strong interest in the development of business plans and that led to my first touches of what we refer to now as IT. It also was the time of birth of the VCR (video cassette recorder).

The creation and market penetration of the VCR came alongside the development of consumer video cameras. All of a sudden people could purchase a camera and put the tape into their VCR and watch it on T.V.. This led to ADVID's creation of service such as "VIC" (video identification of children) and video resumes. Naturally, photography as well as the various video services also contained a focus on space and time. We also began talking about a networked world. Little did we know of the emergence of today's digital world.

Shawmut Education

The founding of Shawmut Education in the late 1990's allowed me to touch everything I had done before. We also developed a wonderful capacity building methodology that we now lease to ADVID. The experiences with Shawmut Education allowed me to think and work globally.

ADVID plans to expand upon the work in Africa of Shawmut Education. The for profit platform of ADVID will allow the provision of a broader array and more comprehensive services to that continent.

The reemergence of ADVID also means the delivery of Content Management Services, web radio station creation as well as photography, video and business consulting services. For more details on services please visit our services page.


If you are interested in employment opportunities please complete our online employment application form. Currently we are searching for photographers in the Southern California area.